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International Services
Anywhere in the World 

How we Help You

Our Multinational groups specialize in providing techincal and manufacturing equipment relocation solutions anywhere in the world. From start to finish, every step of the way in all 50 states, remote areas of the United States, South America, Europe, Canada, Mexico and Asia. Providing all required equipment, skilled manpower-crews, specialized materials and international logistics necessary to complete critical business machine relocation projects anywhere in the world. 

Where we Help You

Specializing in remote areas of the world. Helping with business equipment moving solutions of technical business centers, laboratories and maufacturing facilities in all 50 states, Europe, Asia, Canada, South America & Mexico. Utilizing the safest and most cost-effective proprietary systems for maximum protections and safe-arrival of your most important business equipment and machinery. 


  • Computer servers & systems

  • Electronics

  • Business equipment

  • Medical equipment

  • Scientific Lab Equipment

  • Sensitive & Heavyweight/Oversize Machinery 

  • Complete Production & Assembly-Lines 

  • Humanitarian Relocation Campaigns

  • Industrial & Corporate Relocation 

  • Exhibits

Who we Are

Helping a diverse group of military, governmental and Global 5000 clients throughot the world. We can help you too! The Multinational Group of contractors providing high-performance solutions for a diverse group of clients throughout the world. In accordance and compliance with respecting all discretionary non-circumvent, non-compete, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements between USA Industrial Groups and respective clients and their high-value proprietary sensitive information, intellectual properties, trade-secrets, product developments, patents, inventions, prototypes, testing equipment, facilities and materials.

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