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International crating & shipig project





Worldwide Equipment Removal & Installation Projects


Business equipment relocations of one critical machine...Or your entire production.


Heavyweight/oversize business equipment relocation solutions. Critical machine removal, export crating services, heavyweight transport, export-import solutions, international machine shipping assistance & equipment installations. 


Safest machine import-export shipping, critical equipment precision moving, international crating & shipping solutions.

Regional TeamSolutions working in All 50 States: Canada, South America, Mexico, Europe & Asia & remote areas 


Heavyweight machinery moving & rigging

Electrical & mechanical dismantling & installation tech-teams working with machinery moving rigging contractors, millwrights & machinery movers for over 40 years. Business equipment removal & local crating companies in All 50 States, remote areas, or anywhere in the World...

Multinational groups of tech-teams help you every step of the way: Business equipment electrical & mechanical de-installations of your important business equipment crating & shipping projects. Machinery millwright, machine movers & riggers, reconfiguration, preparation and maximum protection for international equipment shipping.

SAFE ARRIVAL: The multinational contractors save you time on all of your business machine shipping preparation, protection and highest performance business equipment crating & shipping projects.
Free business equipment, machinery & computer shipping crating designs for minimal waste, maximum protection & cost-savings for you. 
Saving You packaging costs with the most efficient industrial export crating & shipping protection systems in your area.


  • Critical Equipment Relocations

  • 1 critical piece of equipment, or your entire production

  • Sensitive & Heavyweight/Oversize Equipment Export

  • Complete Turnkey Machinery & Equipment Relocations

  • Production Equipment Electrical/Mechanical Installations

  • Computer Servers-Data-Center & Lab De-installations

  • High-Performance Electronics Equipment Export Crating

  • Medical Equipment & Humanitarian Relocations

  • International Time-Critical Projects

  • International Shipping & Documentation Assistance

Industrial equipment relocation

Safest ocean-container configurations

Computer-Designed packaging & export crating

  • DIRECT-SOURCE  Safer alternative materials



Heavyweight Discount Crating & Shipping Groups 

Your safest business equipment transport, business equipment relocation, machinery shipping and export crating solutions for safe arrival to any destination in the World.
High-Performance preparation & maximum protection for safe arrival of your equipment & machinery exports, sensitive equipment relocations and installations; every step of the way. 

Our worldwide group of machinery exporting clients who are international shipping large equipment, highly value the equipment & machinery moving & rigging solutions and export crating for their most sensitive equipment, machinery & plant relocations.  


Helping you with the safest and most efficient oversize ocean transport shipping and critical international-air cargo transport of your business equipment in all 50 states, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia.  From custom oversize export pallets, skidding to full-encasement mil-spec export crating solutions.  The ultimate protection of your critical cargo and international freight.

Expert professional equipment set-up, assembly & machinery installations anywhere in the World.



Helping Global Industrial 5000 clients throughout the world.  We can help you too! 


The multinational co-operating groups of tech-teams, contractors, OEM techs, suppliers, & logistics service providers: Providing high performance business machine relocation & equipment installation solutions anywhere in the world.

Worldwide complete critical business equipment & machinery de-installations, relocations & installations: Aerospace, automotive, energy, processing equipment, medical, laboratories, educational governmental & military.

Critical equipment, machinery & production line relocations.

In accordance and compliance with all discretionary non-compete, non-disclosure & confidentiality agreements between USA-International Groups, respective clients and their high-value proprietary sensitive information, intellectual properties, trade-secrets, product developments, patents, inventions, prototypes, testing equipment, facilities & materials.

Computer crating & relocatin projects



Global Support Teams in All 50 states & remote regions.

We can also arrange an on-site survey anywhere in the world. 

In accordance with all confidential & non-disclosure requirements:

Your phone, email and information will not be shared.

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